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The dreaded single supplements


If you've travelled alone, you may have had to pay a single supplement. What are single supplements? Why do travel companies charge them? Are they fair?

A single supplement is a premium charged to people who take a room alone. Put another way, it’s a premium paid for the luxury of not having to share a room, which would involve two people essentially splitting the room cost 50/50. Rather than charging a single person the same price as two people sharing (ie, 100% of the room cost), the single supplement is added. This means a single person can expect to pay between 70-90% of the room, rather than 100% of the cost – but it can still be significantly more than the 50% someone travelling as part of a pair would spend.

Why do single supplements exist?

With a traditional package holiday, a tour operator would charter an aircraft and book a set number of double rooms in a resort to fill it. As singles didn’t fit into this business model, a supplement would be applied.

Similarly, hotels have traditionally provided services on the basis of people travelling in pairs. Since they charge per room – not per the number of people – solo travellers will pay proportionately higher prices.

WWTC provides a platform for members to get to know oneanother before going on holiday, so you have a choice to share a room and split the cost of the room 50/50 therefore reducing costs .

Bear in mind that booking a single room may be a compromise you don’t want to make on holiday. You may find you end up with a small room with a single bed and no view, and could be better off paying for a double/twin/triple room – it depends what you prioritise when travelling. Luxery hotel that you dont want to leave or budget hotel as you will be out everyday exploring the area.

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