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Originally created for the local ladies of Peterborough and the surrounding areas, interested in travel, socialising, and making new friends. Now open to all women in the UK

"haven't been everywhere, but it's on my bucket list."


Mandy Hood 

How the idea of creating this club came about 

The idea of this club emerged from a significant life change – the end of a decade-long relationship. Finding myself alone, I sought new connections and endeavors to fill the void. One evening, a cruise advertisement captured my attention, reigniting a desire to embark on such an adventure. However, the exorbitant single supplement gave me pause, prompting the realization that there were likely other women facing the same dilemma.

This realization sparked the idea of establishing a travel club for local women in Peterborough. The concept was simple yet profound – bringing together like-minded women for social events, fostering new friendships, and collectively exploring the world. The motivation was not just to share experiences but also to economize on travel expenses by sharing cabins, rooms, and transportation.

The name "Wonderlust" was born out of a passion for wonderment from traveling and experiencing the wonders of the world. To date, we have visited Egypt,  Iceland, Dubrovnik, Sardinia, Lake Garda, and Prague  Transylvania, the club's journey unfolded, marked by shared adventures and newfound camaraderie.

Beyond travel, the club evolved to encompass a spectrum of social activities. From Murder Mystery Dinners to West End Shows, scenic walks to spa retreats, concerts to comedy evenings, and day trips, the members engaged in a diverse array of experiences.

The diversity within the group became a strength – women from various walks of life, different nationalities, and both single and married individuals, each contributing a wealth of knowledge and travel experiences. The club became a platform to share, appreciate, and learn from one another.

Initially envisioned for local women in Peterborough and its surroundings, the club's appeal transcended geographical boundaries. Women from farther afield expressed a desire to join, albeit facing challenges attending local events. The advent of Zoom during the lockdown proved instrumental, allowing the club to adapt and connect through virtual meetings.

In essence, what began as a response to personal circumstances transformed into a thriving community of adventurous women bound by the spirit of Wonderlust, collectively exploring the world and creating lasting bonds along the way.



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