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Benefits of Joining Wonderlust

" You will never need to travel 

alone again - find your travel companion here " 


Find inspiration, enlightenment, and support, whilst making new friends.

Connect with other like-minded women whom you may have already had a chance to meet, at one of our social events. When you are on a Wonderlust trip you are welcome to join your new friends on tours and excursions, or if you prefer you can spend some" me-time" to relax and regenerate. You will never need to travel alone again.

Traveling with a group can offer several safety benefits:

  1. Deterrent against crime: Criminals often target solo travelers. Being part of a group can deter potential thieves or attackers, as there's less vulnerability in numbers.

  2. Shared vigilance: Groups provide collective vigilance. Members can watch out for each other's belongings and well-being, noticing and addressing any suspicious activity or situations.

  3. Support in emergencies: In case of medical emergencies, accidents, or unexpected situations, having a group means immediate support and assistance. 

  4. Increased visibility: Groups are more visible, reducing the chances of getting lost or stranded without help. It's easier for authorities or locals to notice and assist a group in need.

  5. Knowledge and experience: Group members might have diverse skills and experiences. This collective knowledge can be invaluable in navigating unfamiliar places or dealing with unforeseen challenges.

  6. Emotional support: Traveling can be stressful or overwhelming at times. Having a group provides emotional support, companionship, and shared experiences, which can alleviate anxiety or homesickness.

  7. Access to group rates and benefits: Groups often receive discounts on accommodations, tours, and transportation, enhancing overall safety by reducing financial strain and allowing access to better facilities.                                                 

Remember, while traveling in a group enhances safety, it's crucial to stay vigilant, follow safety guidelines, and communicate effectively within the group to ensure everyone's well-being.


Discounted holidays through group booking discounts.

Carpooling - sharing a car or taxi will also reduce transport costs. 

Reduce single supplements by sharing a room or striking a deal with the supplier using group booking as leverage. 


Typically, holiday prices are based on double occupancy, and opting for a single cabin on a cruise ship can nearly double the cost. Wonderlust offers a unique solution: connect with fellow members at our social events and Zoom meetings. If you find like-minded companions and feel comfortable sharing a room, you can sidestep single supplements. Of course, if you prefer a room of your own, that option remains available.


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