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Cambridge to Grantchester
           5-mile circular walk
7th August 2022 - 10.30 am

Grantchester lies about two miles south of Cambridge. If you’re interested in visiting ancient, sleepy villages, with willows lining the river and punters winding their way beneath gorgeous bridges, Grantchester is definitely the place for you! The peaceful village features picturesque thatched cottages, a medieval church, and a selection of cracking pubs such as ‘The Red Lion’ and ‘The Rupert Brooke’. It is said to have the world’s highest concentration of Nobel Prize winners in the world, most of these presumably being current or retired academics from the nearby University of Cambridge.

We will start our walk from Cambridge Castle Hill car park, post code CB3 OAT £4.10p for the day. There we will then head off through the town to the Riverside walk to Granchester. After we have explored the village, we can stop at The Orchard’, a famous tea house historically run by students, before making our way back to the car park.

This walk will be a circle 5miles walk.


Grantchester Tour is a unique walking tour that visits filming locations from the series of the same name. Led by a local guide who is familiar with filming in the village this fascinating behind-the-scenes tour will take you to more than 15 locations featured in the show including the church, the meadows, pubs, high street, and homes seen in all 6 seasons of the series.

This tour costs £15 by the tour operator below. If you would like to do the tour please let me know so I can schedule it.

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