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Finland  glass igloo experience 

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A magical night in a glass igloo under the stars and the Aurora Borealis in a once in a lifetime experience.


4 Nights 
2 NIGHTS Glass Igloo 
2 Nights in nearby hotel 
From £570.00 Per Person
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Go in search of the remarkable “Aurora Borealis”, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. Should you be fortunate enough to see them, then what better way to watch them dancing across the winter sky but from the warmth of your own bed? Sleeping in a Glass Igloo is a once in a lifetime experience, but there is plenty more on offer in this genuine, winter wonderland including husky sledding, traditional Lappish dinner which includes an ice lake plunge, hot tub, saunas.

Lapland is a remote, relatively untouched territory located in the Arctic Circle that offers one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. It’s impossible not to be taken in by the natural beauty of the pristine blankets of snow that cover the pine forests and frozen lakes. The temperatures in peak winter can reach very frosty temperatures—some way below zero—so it’s best to wrap up warm and keep yourself busy. Fortunately, there is plenty to keep you occupied whether you’re wanting to get active or simply relax.


Lapland makes a third of Finland's total area, yet only 3.6% of the population lives here
There are no polar bears in Lapland, but the largest population of brown bears in Finland live here
Santa Claus lives in Lapland
There are almost as many reindeer as there are people in Lapland


CAPITAL    Helsinki
POPULATION    5.49 million

Try Avoid the Full Moon.  Clear, dark skies are the perfect conditions for the Northern Lights to appear, so avoid full moons if possible. The full moon won't restrict you seeing the lights, but it won't be as clear.


Please contact me if you are interested in this trip and I will put you on a waiting list. I will email when the dates are released so you can secure your place with a deposit so you don't miss out. 

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